Located on the campus of Hobgood Elementary school, in the heart of Murfreesboro, The Linebaugh Technology Engagment Center is a building designed for education, exploration, and inspiration.

Inside you will find computers, tablets, eReaders and 3D printers all ready to be explored. You will also find the friendly faces of staff who know the in’s and out’s of all of the technology on-site and are ready and willing to share their knowledge. From building a CAD for 3D printing to conducting online research for a school project to developing and uploading a resume for a future career, our staff is eager to serve our community’s needs.

The TEC recognizes that great things come from collaboration in innovative spaces. For this reason, you will also find technologically advanced meeting rooms designed to promote big thinking, inspire creative ideas, facilitate small business innovation or simply be a place for concerted collaboration and study. Room size will range from small conference room to larger classroom and multi-function rooms, but all will encourage exploration through bridging technology, art, and innovation. These spaces will act as an area for community members to come together and make great things happen.

If you’re interested in supporting the growth of our community through advancement in technology access and innovation inspiration please consider supporting our efforts.